Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Out of the Rat Race...Hallelujah!

I was sitting on the bus looking around at all the miserable wretched worn out faces of the work commuters around me who aren’t even sick but still sport panda eyes worthy of me-contention, cos of having to work so hard and such long hours to afford their affluent lifestyles and appearances, and had a minor revelation- yay that no longer is anything associated with me…finally, I am free of the rat race! I have freedom and TIME TO BREATHE!

And that my friends, was my happy revelation for the day…I think things DO all happen as they should…to be honest, now that I am out of that crap city lifestyle I really have no idea how I stood it that long especially the filthy air and all the filthy smokers! And then I realized if I really had globetrotted the world I would immediately have escaped out of the cities and into remote wilderness because the other hemisphere is way more dirty and populated than here! No, I’m actually kinda happy – in retrospect-to be grounded…cos I really NEED my clean air and space!!!

And plus with time to breathe I have time to enjoy just Being and do all the little things I never got to like help put together my little niece’s up and coming birthday bash-a fun creative task I am sure. I’ve also been cooking and discovering new healthful ingredients in line with supporting my limited diet which has actually turned out pretty tasty so not too painful at all- yay for good quality fresh organic produce! Not that I’m the least bit bored –if anything I have more to self occupy than needed but still feel tempted to find out if I can join a weekly local art class-something I’ve been wanting to so since having to drop out of art class in high school but never had the opportunity!

Moving as usual has been an ass but I’m happy to start to suspect this unintended “delay” may actually work out quite nicely after all…fingers crossed anyway. If anything I am actually enjoying the “time out” from normal disgruntled society…if anything their stress and bad vibes gets absorbed by me like a sponge and with nowhere to go festers and snowballs! I am actually glad for the no contact- peaceful, contented and easy going times- I’m liking!!!


Izzy said...

Happy to hear all this good stuff... Hope the move is smooth and the settling is soothing to the soul. =)

Franko Gnedo said...

Sounds great! When things inevitably get difficult again remember the pleasant feelings you are having now and hopefully you will feel content again despite the temporary difficult situation you will find yourself in. Great to spend time with your little niece she will remind you how the world should be viewed :) Especially when you will be sharing a happy exciting task with her. I'm sure she knows how to just Be. Breath that fresh air it feels so nice!