Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sleeping on a Stone

A while ago Stoneweaver suggested sleeping on a stone.

The other day before sleeping I was going through my special box of rocks and admiring how pretty the gold flecks in my dark blue lapis lazuli were - a stone I had bought a while back but never really paid much attention to before...

Without much thought I popped it under my pillow.

Wow. Last night was the second night in a row I had the lapis lazuli under my pillow...

I had my first (free) flying dream. Not only that but I was flying over the ocean all around Australia scanning the beautiful coastline from above! :-D

I have no idea how this dream came about...perhaps it had something to do with reading about Jetman earlier in the week, or maybe it had something to do with reading the wizarding world of Harry Potter before bed?!!


Anonymous said...

How fantastic! It's ages since I've had a flying dream. (I guess I'd better put some lapis lazuli under my pillow!)

I have always loved lapis lazuli - it has a strong connection with ancient Egypt and reminds me of a midnight blue sky full of stars. Interesting that you had a flying dream, since lapis connects the earth with the heavens. It also helps to expand your awareness – so perhaps your dreams have a special message for you...

BTW - come look on my blog, there is something that might interest you (!)

Dina said...

What Harry Potter book are you reading? I need to read those again someday...maybe I'll start back from the beginning in a few years.

I got really into gemstones a year or so ago. I put some under my pillow, mattress, etc. They didn't really effect my dreams. Now we're using them for counting manipulatives with Jack's math work.

Flying dreams are awesome!! Were you lucid during the dreams?

Caroline said...

I used to always put stones under my pillow! I like moonstone and onxy (onyx is good for nightmares...or I should say...good for NOT having nightmares!).

The lapis is beautiful!

mscherrylane said...

Healingstones, I am so curious to know what these flying dreams mean! I have never flown in dreams before and suddenly two within a week- one in a helicopter and one free flying(that was cool!)

Dina, I'm reading the final Potter- I figured I've read all of them except this one a couple of years back so I should at least finish reading them so I can see the movies! I don't know if I was "lucid"...I tend to be a very light sleeper and remember most of my dreams but I don't know if I consciously control my dreams?! It's a shame you're not sensitive to stones...I think I am quite!

Dina said...

I don't think lucid is about controlling your dreams. It's about being aware that you're dreaming.

Let's say you're updating your blog and one of your dead ancestors appears in your room and starts talking to you.

If you were not lucid, you would have a chat and not think twice about it.

If you are lucid, you'd stop and think. Wait. You're dead. What are you doing here? How did you get in here? What's happening to me? And if you're in a dream, that usually leads to you saying. "Hey, I must be dreaming!"

I think there's a connection between flying dreams and lucid dreams.

I think because either

A) the dreamer says "Hey, I'm flying! That can't happen in real life. I must be dreaming.


B) I'm in a dream. I can do what I want. I'll fly!

I wish I was sensitive to stones too!!

Another thing I tried was mugwort. It's an herb that's supposed to give you lucid dreams. It doesn't work for me : (

So far nothing does.

I have a lot of lucid dreams, but it happens randomly. I can't seem to do anything that actually induces the.

Shannanigans said...

flying dreams are indicative of an astral projection experience...hence perhaps not dreams at all, but recall of the astral experience. Google it. I have some stories to tell you about it