Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Days...Alfresco Dining!

I'm really enjoying the warmer weather- I've been taking advantage of being outdoors every night...usually breathing, meditating, doing yoga poses or lazing in a sandchair with my IPOD and admiring the stars :)

Last night I ate some leftovers with meat and I had a terrible sleep complete with psychadelic dream/nightmare (which I might outline in another post just cos I'd like to hear interpretations for it!)...anyhow so tonight I didn't dare another crappy night's sleep so got into the vegetarian groove.

Nothing gourmet...really simple but the novelty factor was really fun- I had lots of tiny dishes...tomato and baby spinach with caramelised balsamic and extra virgin olive oil, avocado slices, soba noodles, five grain rice, fried egg and french beans and to finish some papaya and pineapple...I wonder if with all of that I got sufficient nutrients?! I'm full at least :)

So I was sitting cross legged on my ratan mat on the balcony under the night sky with a Himalayan salt lamp flickering and ambient music eating but now I'm lazing on a banana chair with a big fat pillow, my Himalayan lamp and my laptop with wireless indulging in my favourite pasttime;)...and because it's the city, there are no mozzies or bugs to contend with! Talk about LIFESTYLE!!! lol

Who said city living was that bad?! hehe ;)

LOL I'm so glad my next door smoke-a-holics have moved on....I feel so much happier being able to breathe and eat in clean air and really enjoy my home to the maximum :-D

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koala brains said...

Sounds like a very chill evening. All the food sounds yummy. Isn't it fun to have a bunch of different things to pick on? So much more fun.