Friday, October 3, 2008

Did Aliens Invade My Sleep?!!!

I had remarked in the day after viewing Crop Circles,

"I wish I could visit one!" and that I was disappointed that there were none to be found in Australia.

Last night in my sleep Lo and Behold! I went for a Helicopter ride over a Crop Circle in Australia! Talk about instant gratification ;)

It was Amazing. Crop Circles are so very beautiful. Here are some favs (Germany seems to have some of the universe's most artistic aliens LOL)

Flower (I love this kind of pattern- I often draw similar patterns)

Yin&Yang (haha see even Aliens validate Chinese Medicine)

The Sun (the Sun is almighty to Aliens and humans alike!)

So is this the way the world ends?!

What are you trying to say?!

And typical elegance from Switzerland...


okay this slacker needs to get cracking on work(!) Nice distraction for the day :)

p.s Random Thought: I LOVE Third Culture Kids!


Anonymous said...

I love crop circles too! Have never visited one, though they do appear down south in Wiltshire. I keep an open mind about how they form and have one or two theories myself. But even if they are maths students creeping about at night with a big stick and plenty of rope – they are still beautiful and meaningful. Worth contemplating - since maths has a beauty of its own and is universal.

As for my TCM practitioner - that was years ago and her premises have changed hands (now a florists!) Your friend's best bet is to look up someone from the registry (that's how I found mine). I don't have a link - but probably easy to Google it.

Ariad said...

Crop circles are so cool. Sometimes I choose not to wonder where they come from and just to enjoy the intricate patterns.

Greyscale Territory said...

Crop circles have always fascinated me.

But there are crop circles in Australia. They have been recorded since the 1970's, so they are quite modern! The first claim to a sighting was at Wokurna, southeast of Adelaide and then a set of circles appeared in the Mallee west of Melbourne in 1989.

for information of those found along the eastern seaboard from Victoria to Queensland