Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A strange day

Besides my alfresco on the floor dinner Today has been full of new experiences....I couldn't help spending most of the day smiling :)

I needed to get some documents witnessed so I ended up at a criminal court complete with hardened criminals and police!! It was definitely kinda exciting...suddenly boring old lawyers seemed brave, dashing and dangerous! LOL

Later I went to the famously XXX part of town which I've not seen for quite some time and not in the's actually become pretty gentrified and actually reminded me a little of Soho with interesting little designer boutiques and lots of good was fun pretending to be a hot chocolate and friand in some hip cafe looked very designer but didn't taste too crash hot :P

I stickybeaked in a deli and tried fresh-made halva for the first time....yuck- sickly sweet! And I also saw a cake of quince which I don't recall seeing before....(apparently you eat slices of this with cheese and wine-the tartness complements well.)

I also had a lot of fun shopping in an upmarket grocer...these are my favourite just cos they always have food items you don't often get anywhere else- today the most interesting aquisition was green furry pod things a.k.a FRESH ALMONDS!! Like so...

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