Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Linear Time

So it finally struck me this obsession everyone seems to have with linear time... perhaps best reflected by that issue of AGE...cos I guess I've felt so old inside my whole life... that it's always been like a serious WAITING GAME for the rest of my peers to "catch up"! Suddenly though it dawned on me that perhaps I am starting to look a bit older on the outside and not only do I feel old and somewhat mature inside but even on the OUTSIDE! Oh and also that it is a gravity orientated and linear the only way is...forward and DOWN! Hello...wrinkles and white hair- arghhhh! (Okay not quite there yet but I can imagine...)

So I was just reflecting on how, now, with such a realisation I might adjust things in my life? Cos the other thing with linear human time is that there is a definite end point too!

Apart from that I'm really starting to enjoy the arranging fresh cut flowers in vases in my house's actually kind of disconcerting to realise (and admit) I am sooo turning into a...Girrrrl!!

Anyway my belly calls...need to go COOK! Eh the life of domesticated bliss...gotta love it! ;)


HappyOrganist said...

domesticated bliss is wonderful ;) I'm enjoying my bacon over here... ^^

Franko Gnedo said...

Wrinkles can be cool. I hope you develop smile wrinkles.

Franko Gnedo said...

That last comment probably seemed a bit stupid and maybe it was. Yes Australia has too many stupid ingnorant people. But maybe so has the world. I don't think I need to talk about North America but here are a few examples from a few places. Cambodia - "there are two million Vietnamese here illegally. They do not belong" Thailand - "The Burmese are flooding our country." Japan "I need to lock my windows because of the Chinese workers in the harbour". Bali - "they are Javanese, Bali people would not do that". Also think of nationalisim in European politics. The problem is not so much Australians but humans. You know the problems in Australia because you live here and know it really well. Not like a person you have just met only showing thier best side. The Europeans that you meet are normally the educated well travelled people. I have no doubt that Europe has its fair share of ignnorant stupid people and generally they would not be ones travelling to Australia. Having said that these stupid ignorant people are beautiful people.

Zz... said...

Hey FG,

interestingly enough my bday twin has already foreseen the future on this apparently I will still look pursed lips or tight mean face with a cranky it came up cos she was commenting on someone we know...

hopefully without 4 kids i won't have the stress and drama wrinkles my folks have LOL!

Zz... said...

FG You have a point with the kinds of euros I neet but there is still a cultural element...certain countries (and you know which one(s) I mean) they have different values, no tall poppy syndrome, they don't worship sports and cars, they value intelligence, they have much higher standards for EVERYTHING, and this applies to things like basic manners very obviously...has nothing to do with how much intelligence the individual has- as a generalisation it is unarguable certain country comparisons! of course every country has racism but I'm speaking apart from that...there are certain things inherent and uniquely specific to this culture I hate such as Tall Poppy Syndrome...actually today after I passed out on the beach it occurred to me that lol it probably has to do with too much sun fries the brain and can drive people a bit nuts and blind!

p.s I'm glad you are so much more charitable than me with that last line, lol I'm working on it.

p.p.s toyboy is moving to freo so I will probably go visit when there are cheap flights and say hi to you if you're around!