Saturday, October 1, 2011

Desert Drought

Oh boy was I feeling sorry for myself that I am stuck in a monoculture of boring predictable genericness that is dull, unrefreshing and best.!!!

But I got cheered a little that I have encountered a bit of a writer, in a style somewhat like my own: autobiographical honest and mildly eccentric- eg wordy but not TOO intellectual but interesting enough cos life is stranger than fiction...perhaps I will have to relift my game to quality writing and not just therapeutic rants, diligent recordings, trivial amusing anecdotal snippets...

Apart from the massive relief I felt when I returned back to the peaceful sanity of my sanctuary after a typical day of disgruntled chaos in the city, the only part that brought a bit of a smile was to meet a real live REAL non travelling it is so sad that they are so rare to encounter that I get this any case despite not exchanging so many words of any substance I don't know...even the presence was a comfort. Not sure what it is but me and Euros just...RESONATE :)

p.s I'm starting to re-think my anti-social status...I think perhaps I am NOT SO...just that apart from tiredness and introvert minimal energy capacity to take on other people, most people BORE me(like want to tear my hair out bore me)!!! I actually think given the RIGHT people who don't send me to sleep I can be VERY SOCIAL or at least a very good conversationalist...even charmingly so!!! WOW, who knew? LOL

Anyway I think my hair is a bit dry now...*yawn*! To bed To bed, Lay this BigHead!

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