Saturday, October 15, 2011

Today I met a....CAVEMAN!

Lol, I'm serious :)

Very random. Very cool. Just kinda like how I like it. The weird part is I wasn't really anywhere all that interesting...usually all this cool sh*t only happens when I travel...not so close to home!!!

So yeah it was a very surreal today. Met my b'day twin, had lunch, then walking around waiting for a ferry...and we saw this open house inspection of a really cute little house- the agent was closing up but we liked it so much we convinced him to let us take a peek. Very cool, architect designed, cute and quaint. Right in nature. Where's the sugardaddy when you need one? LOL

So anyway we were walking away from this supercool house talking about it when some dude rolling a trolley with a big tall plant overhears us mistakenly and thinks we're talking about his big we're walking along this road and get into a friendly conversation...then after he said he likes all plants and I offered back yeah me too I'm a planthead!! He then issues us an invitation to come see his "garden" down the road...walking, walking...where IS this guy taking us? We see him stopped at the base of some rocks...lo and behold he lives in a CAVE! and strangely it was completely...civilised...and I actually envied contrary to what you would expect outside he just looked fairly normal, not unkempt and DEFINITELY did not smell like half the people reek in the city!! But to be fair he was still working on his new home...had only been there a couple on earth had he known about such a cool spot? He came a lot when he was a was seriously the perfect little nook...very comfortable, completely free...absolutely spectacular, wow!

In any case with some degree of pride in his new digs I took his pics and agreed to send them to his family just to let them know he was safe...he had owned a house once before but had given it to his deceased brother's kids...and now was living this hermit natural life incognito...absolutely fascinating...I mean I've always had a track record of meeting cool interesting old men but CAVEMAN? wow, a very cool first! In any case so many interesting things happened today but that would have to be the highlight and I am too tired to elaborate further...

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HappyOrganist said...

that is a really weird adventure.