Saturday, October 22, 2011

Classification: Boyly Girl...

A guy gave me this nickname some years ago...I realise he totally had it right...cos although I love to hang out with the boys I'm not the rude crude dirty mouthed dirty minded burpy beer guzzling stinky farters they are...I am however EXTREMELY BLUNT&HONEST. Which puts women on the off...and offends their sensitivities...

I think when I was younger and more brimming buzzing full of energy, perhaps I did roll more with the boys like a true tomboy might. But now I'm just a scaredy cat GIRL that just likes to tag along and OBSERVE all the scary, sometimes brave but often stupid things that men by virtue of their male ego and lack of forethought's fun :)!

Not to mention I'd rather go to a soccer match above almost all girl-preferred things anyday!

However the key area where my unique boyly disposition truly seems to shine is that area of not just cross cultural inter-relations but rather cross-gender inter-relations...I find as somewhat of a "social bridge" between the genders I am most often called upon by the average person to "explain or intuit" the opposite sex! Typically...women ask me to decipher the internals of men's minds-age old question "does he like me does he like me or WHAT DOES THIS MEAN"...on the other hand I find I am the unconfident slightly socially inadequate man's best comfort to getting more adroit in being better able to deal with those women they have their eye on but have no idea how to pickup...I think rather charitable as being a kind of "mock training ground" for them to practice and rehearse and work on their moves and strategies, lol

In any case I don't mind it so much, as long as these people provide for interesting friends...It's quite satisfying to see little blooms I have tended grow and and a much better way to use my "psychologist" hobby than on bonafide fruitcakes!

To round out this post I must say that I am really enjoying these little European fortune cookies that you get in BACI chocolates...I especially liked the first wrapper I pulled- very obviously by a German(Schopenhauer)...haha

Quien es amigo de todos no es amigo de nadie.

Qui est ami de tous ne l'est de personne.

A friend to all is a friend to none.

(And yes, I think that's what you find with most of the current generation and local culture these days...loyalty is a dying virtue in this fast paced shallow dog eat dog get ahead world...)

Out of the three languages which I know a bit...definitely I have to say I like the Spanish language best(verbal/text are both good)...French a close second(verbal good text more hassle), although I do like the relative brevity and succinctness of the English here....

anyway that is just my 2c on language, gender relations and loyalty today....ciao!


Franko Gnedo said...

You are funny young Zhen!!

Zz... said...

hey who's calling who young...I'm so not used to talking to people under 60(seriously) that even people your vintage can seem young(!)

But yeah okay I LOOK young...cos I'm tiny & asian ;)