Sunday, June 12, 2011

They call it "beauty" sleep for a reason!

WOW. It's amazing what actual sleep can do for you. The effects are quite drastic- for example it's only been 2 nights so far and I have put on significant WEIGHT and am the heaviest I have been for...I can't remember!!! My face is also starting to change perhaps losing some of that sickly, I hope it continues...cos in a few days I'm due for renewal of a five year driver's would cheer my vanity greatly to not have to always be faced with a terrible mug shot every time I open my wallet for the next five years...LOL!

I hope this post finds you well rested and in good health too :)


HappyOrganist said...

I need a new mug shot. But I'm not going to pay for one. I had this horrible short haircut (I mean short short and it was not styled at the time) and so I pretty much look exactly like my brother on my driver's license. Awesome!

Evil Shannanigans said...

I defintely believe in beauty sleep. I always feel so much better after a good solid 10 hours

I have a driving lesson on Wednesday...wish me luck!

miruspeg said...

I am sleeping much better lately too Macs. I have been sipping Jasmine tea before I retire and it seems to be working its magic.
Hope your mug shot is to your liking!
Pegs xxxx

Zz... said... mug shot was...tolerable...thankfully...5 years on, all I noticed was lost some of the fat and more did occur to me though while comparing today with 5 years ago what always lets the mugshot down...I TOO seriously could use a personal hair stylist like Kate Middleton! LOL

apart from that on the aesthetic front I got this new super cool light blue translucent credit's SO pretty! it's LOVE!!! ^^ ^^ ^^ Worst part is it just makes me want to whip it out more it's that pretty...