Saturday, December 19, 2009

Oh WOW, Technology!

Spent all last night engrossed in the wonders of video calling from my wireless laptop. Actually the time was so inappropriate I think my neighbours were banging through the walls, lol. A chick chatting can actually be pretty bad noise pollution when one is trying to sleep...

My "designer" and I were doing that whole virtual remote thing trying to knock out my card...cos deadlines are calling!

In any way, for me, luddite I am, it was a bit of a case of a Three stooges style self-sabotage so it was pretty funny trying to get it all working and functional actually.

I'm feeling very blessed with my friends...seems like I have some kind of support for everything I do lately- foreign and strange-but I LIKE IT!


HappyOrganist said...

so do we getta see your card when it's printed? Can I see a picture of it if you don't put it up online (which I could understand not doing).
Thanks. (even if the answer's no)

That's fun that you're having fun doing that and that you feel blessed by so many friends lately. I have felt that way (very much) lately, too. It is VERY cool.

zee said...

gone back to basics...really it's not gonna be anything you say WOW!

you can see it if you ever come down under, lol

p.s you know I get it now...I don't want to treat people I know-know either...I guess I must be passing out of eager beaver stage

HappyOrganist said...

oh good, you are enlightened now!
You cutie.
that's good.