Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Search...

okay I managed to keep it almost to myself for only a few hours, lol...I suck at keeping my own secrets people like HO will be happy to know...

So I woke up having put my finger on it...

Recently I had a really strong compulsion like an amplification perhaps of my long held inner most desire to just up and guys know I hate living in the city in particular this one...

So anyway apart from the clean air and space etc I realised socially I guess what I'm wanting to find in a new environment is what is hard to find in big cities perhaps a sense of "community" and a bit of a back to some old fashioned "values"! I know this could be found in church but I guess that is almost too much of a monoculture for me to be comfortable with...I guess having always been drawn to diversity, voluntary engagement with just one culture is not balanced or healthy-normal for me, or that is my perception and belief anyway...

oh P.S Dream interpreting extraoirdinaires...what does this mean? I dreamt of a very cute border collie puppy and was patting it and then another with a motherly instinct kept nipping at me.


HappyOrganist said...

Oh - was the dog the puppy's mother, then? Kind of warding you off?
oh I dont know... will have to ponder.

But for churches - I can tell you there IS diversity even in any given church. uh.. hahahahahaha

I just thought of a funny video to go with this. it's horrible. I'll email it to you I guess.
Just take our church for example - there's diversity. see?
wasn't that a clear example? I'm glad I could help you with that. If you ever need anything, I'm so here for you. ;)


- H.O. ^^

Post Script.
I think you should stay where you are. ;D
But in the event that you don't, you are wanted in Utah. Can never have too many acupuncturists, I say.
if I had any money I'd help pay your fare.
(oh and I do mean as a friend, you understand that, I imagine)

JJ Beazley said...

So what's the secret exactly? Have you decided to move?

No good at dream interpretation. Too many variables and unknown factors. I love border collies, though. I had one once.