Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Scandalous Unit...again.

If you've followed me through my various blogs over the past few years- I think that means you M- you might remember that I published a very hysterical excerpt from a strata report about the problems with the tenants in my unit...

I just received this year's minutes from the unit gets a special mention...for it's unruly inhabitants...

I so had no idea as the agent had "conveniently" left me uninformed about the whole situation...bless the attentive secretary- these are her notes:

"In November 2007 a young couple became tenants of Unit X. They were soon joined by various others who came and went. In February 2008 the young woman moved out. Soon drunken visitors rang the doorbells both by day and night, sounded car horns repeatedly in the early hours, shouted and tried to climb into Unit X's windows using the garbage bins to stand on. Beer bottles were left on the doorstep and in the junk-mail bin near the letterboxes. When one man tried to climb into the adjoining unit's bedroom window, the tenant called the police. I also went to the Police Station and made a report. After repeated calls to the agent for unit X, it was agreed not to extend the tenant's lease. On 20 May the unit was vacated. Damage to the front step of the unit had to be repaired and the intercom which had been ripped out of the wall had to be replaced."

Holy sheesh-what hoon heads!!!

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Elsie said...

Hey we've gotta catch up some time. I've turned into such a hermit. I like my solitude :P